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Direct Sports Provision is a Sports, Active Learning and Education company based in and around Worcestershire and the Cotswolds. We are a business associate member of the Association for Physical Education (AfPE) and an Ofsted Child Care provider during School holidays.

We guarantee to provide and show impact from our services to you.

We guarantee to deliver high quality support, provide crucial impact data to your school.

At DSPro we are supporting schools and families across Worcestershire & The Cotswolds through DSProHealth (Helping Everyone Achieve Long Term Health) we have partnered with LivWell where we are tackling pupil’s health and wellbeing. LivWell’s online platform offers engaging and stimulating teaching resources, plus mental health training.

Please note you will be required to choose between our standard package and premium package. Both packages include Mental health qualifications to be discussed on application.

Standard - £695+VAT per year

Premium - £995+VAT per year

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