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Watch our video here for reassure that PECS is safe to deliver as we all return. Maintaining high quality delivery and high quality standards.

PE Curriculum Support | Teacher CPD

The PE Curriculum Support programme (PECS) is a sustainable and effective way for your school to use your Primary PE and School Sport Premium. The tailored work based programme uses mentors who help increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of your teachers in the planning, delivery and assessment of physical education.

PECS has been developed by Aspire Training Solutions and is recognised by the Association for Physical Education (afPE) as a programme that assures high-quality learning for teachers CPD.

Mentoring Process

To help your staff grow both professionally and as individuals, the PECS mentoring process focuses on:

  • Identifying your teachers individual needs
  • Observing and mentoring delivery
  • Setting goals and challenging your staff to move beyond their
    comfort zone through their own personal development folder
  • Reviewing progress and giving constructive feedback using a variety of teaching methods
  • Demonstrating and teaching good practice
  • Employing proven planning and assessment methods
  • Coaching specific skills

The Impact

We continuously measure and evaluate the impact that this programme has on your staff. This provides you with valuable evidence to demonstrate your Primary PE and School Sport Premium spend to Ofsted.


Upon completion of the programme, your staff will be expected to be able to:

  • Deliver high-quality PE lessons
  • Have a through understanding and increased knowledge of the PE curriculum
  • Set targets, monitor and assess the progress of your pupils in PE
  • Differentiate lessons to enable pupils to fulfil their potential and make rapid progression

What is PECs

The proof that PECS works

The Proof 

Overall Improvement seen before and after

Average Increase in Planning Scores

Average Increase School-wide

Average Improvement in Teacher Performance 2.2

Average Teacher Ratings Improvement 

Average Improvement in Report Writing

Average Improvement in Teacher Performance 1.1

Average Improvement in Tracking Pupil Progess

What Teachers Think


Kempsey Primary School 

“James has been very helpful and supportive throughout the CPD programme. He has given feedback and advice for the lessons planned and taught. I have been able to see improvements in the children’s development and my own confidence.”


Perrywood Primary School

“Chris was a pleasure to work with and has really helped me develop specific and general areas of my teaching, thank you!”.


St Andrews C of E First School, Evesham, Worcestershire

“We have worked in partnership for three years now and have found their level of service, and the provision they provide, excellent. Using the SPG we have been able to use their coaches to upskill our teachers and measurably improve their confidence in the teaching of physical education.

The PECS programme, which was delivered by their coaches, enabled all teachers in our school to professional development linked to the teaching of PE. Our teachers enjoyed working with the supportive and knowledgeable coaches during the programme. It provided opportunities for observation of high quality PE lessons and more importantly, the chance for them to teach sections and whole lessons under the guidance of the coaches.

Direct Sports have also provided lunch time sports provision, after school clubs, academic support through their active learning programmes and mentorship for pupils. They have been reliable throughout the time I have worked with them and they have gone above and beyond on several occasions to support the school when required. The main coach, who delivers the majority of the provision, is like a member of our staff and has built up great relationships with staff and children alike. The flexibility and hard work of their staff helps ensure the targets we set for our SPG are achieved.”

PECS Testimony

Before engaging with the PECS continued professional develop programme from DirectSports, Physical Education was often a subject that caused considerable anxiety to plan and deliver independently. Often, this was due to the extensive subject knowledge required to teach core skills (such as gymnastics and dance) as well as the ability to safely support children when performing particular skills or engaging with apparatus. Since engaging with the PECS programme, I have seen a noticeable and genuine improvement in the level of confidence I have in regards to the subject of Physical Education. This has been as a direct result of the outstanding mentoring that I received by James Gadsby who, due to his infectious desire to get all children active coupled with his warm, understanding professionalism, has helped to guide me – using coaching strategies – to plan and deliver a set of high-quality lessons.

Within a given PECS sequence, skills are introduced, progressed and assessed regularly ensuring that all children are able to actively engage with their curriculum entitlement whilst being successful within every lesson. The succes that the children achieve as a result of these carefully planned and team-taught lessons, dramatically reduces the misbehaviour that, for some, has often been a significant barrier to the successful teaching of Physical Education.

Within the PECS programme my mentor (James) met with me on an individual basis to conduct an initial audit of my skills and confidences. From this baseline, he worked hard to provide accessible weekly plans and made himself available to discuss prior knowledge or content ahead of the lesson. At the start of the programme, the lessons are primarily lead by the team at DirectSports providing you (as a professional) to observe high-quality practice and find your feet. As the programme progresses, James began to shift the responsibility for teaching key aspects of the lesson to me but, if at any point further support was needed, he kindly stepped forwards to support and model the teaching process. This flexibility to work at your own pace; within your own confidence parameters meant that you felt in complete control.

Within lessons, James takes his time to introduce key concepts, skills or apparatus, to both myself and the children to ensure that quality movements and safety were guaranteed. After each lesson, James meets with me to discuss what went well and what next steps could be taken to further improve the quality and impact of teaching. At each stage, the PECS programme (and James) encourage you to reflect on what the potential barriers and successes are to each of the next steps encouraging, through respectful, professional dialogue, you to find the answers and lead your own professional development.

For me, the transformation in my confidence and enjoyment when teaching Physical Education is a direct result of the PECS programme and the outstanding mentoring of James. At no point during the programme, have I felt like my progress was compared to colleagues or that it would be discussed in any way other than in a meaningful and constructive manner. As a result, the quality of my PE teaching has significantly increased and, whilst there is still some way to go to reach the same level of knowledge and expertise as James, it has been incredible to have the opportunity to work alongside someone who is able to make a genuine impact on my skill as a professional.

Mark, I sincerely hope that, as a school, we continue to engage with the PECS programme and that we are able to maintain a working relationship with James. His enthusiasm for the subject; his personable and kind-hearted nature; his endless professionalism, make him a pleasure to work with and, through his involvement with the programme, feels like he has become one of family at St. Andrew’s. I hope you know how fortunate you are to have such a hardworking individual and you should be proud that he represents your business in such an outstanding light. P.S. If you take him from us, we will not be pleased.


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