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Our Vision

Studies all around the world show that children do less exercise, are less fit than in the past, this is linked to poor wellbeing.

Morning Movers is here to start your child’s active play journey with physical activity and Motor skill learning. We will improve physical skills, motivation and confidence from a young age so they start primary school with a huge advantage covering Motor skills, Social skills becoming task-oriented and FUNdamentals covering the Agility, Balance, Coordination & Speed (ABC’s) whilst allowing children to explore, be curious and discover all of which are important aspects of their development, if provided the right stimulation they can improve their space perception and decision making.

Morning Movers, is designed for Nurseries and Parent Toddler groups which will be delivered by the team at Direct Sports Provision who are all PE specialists working in schools in Worcestershire & Cotswolds and deliver all Age Appropriate learning for all.

Our Aproach -Skills Development


Help children understand that making mistakes is part of the learning process

Giving positive and individual feedback

Make activities fun, enjoyable, varied and engaging

Our programme helps us to keep structure and to help all children to progress

Achievable Personal Challenges

Children Acquire And Develop The Following Skills During This Stage:

Eye tracking








Fine and gross motor skill development

Kicking and striking balls using the very primary and introductory skills derived from 8 different sports

The Following life skills are enhanced during the process:

Self Confidence • Listening • Concentration • Behavioural skills • Teamwork • Persistence • Consideration of others • Patience and determination

Your Experience – Skills Development

Your Child’s Experience


Maintain our commitment to each child’s confidence, advancement and progress as that of the previous stage


Continue to direct our help, support and coaching techniques in a very caring and nurturing environment

Focus on structured progress in a fun and enjoyable environment

Positive and individual attention is key to each child’s advancement

Maintain each child’s attention by introducing activities that are progressively more challenging than an earlier stage

Age Appropriate learning and themed.

Introduce tasks that challenge every child’s individual skill level in a non competitive way

Full attention



EYFS Adventures

As passionate Primary school Teachers, specialising in Physical Education, we believe that all children should have the opportunity to take part in ENGAGING, ACTIVE and ENJOYABLE PE lessons.

Our child friendly stories follow 2 characters on their adventures packed with exciting activities to bring the children’s learning to life whilst providing them with the skills they need as they embark on their own Physical Development journey.

The EYFS PE Adventures has been designed to capture the imagination of the children whilst provide teachers and practitioners with an interactive, inspiring and easy to follow resource, increasing their own confidence and enjoyment of teaching PE.

We believe children learn in an integrated way and the EYFS PE Adventures provide active and enjoyable PE lessons linked to age related topics and appropriate learning styles.

The EYFS PE Adventures can also be used to improve health and activity of children engaging them with stories and movement.