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Maths On The Move

In primary schools where maths results are below the national average, there is an obvious temptation to spend the Pupil Premium Fund on addressing the issue. And ensuring the continued development of gifted and talented pupils raises further challenges.

Direct Sports Pro ‘close the gap’ by delivering Maths on the Move, developed by teachers for teachers. It is a unique and innovative programme that uses the concept of active learning to enhance children’s confidence and attainment in maths.

The programme is suitable for all abilities and can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of your school.

Gifted and talented children benefit from booster sessions to reach the highest grades, while lower achieving pupils can improve their mathematical skills and confidence, benefiting from an alternative learning environment that’s proven to increase both confidence and ability.

Many schools have found that Maths on the Move is a great way to utilise the Pupil Premium or the Primary PE and School Sports Premium.

As well as providing experienced educators and learning materials, Direct Sports Pro also ensures every pupil receives a termly progress report.

This means you can track and monitor the quality of the programme as well as your pupils’ progress, which gives you invaluable evidence to justify and demonstrate your premium spends when Ofsted visit your school.

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Maths On The Move

Maths On The Move is a unique and innovative programme that uses the concept of physically active learning to enhance children’s confidence and attainment in maths and is suitable for all abilities given we can tailor it to suit the individual requirements of your school.

guide for schools has been published by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), providing evidence-based approaches that effectively support pupils when it comes to the task of catching up.

The government has announced a one-off universal £650 million catch-up premium for the 2020 to 2021 academic year.

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Maths Confidence Scores


Academic research proves that physical activity facilitates brain function through increased concentration, accuracy and efficiency – all of which are key components for success in maths.


Maths on the Move allows your pupils to view maths in a different way. The confidence gained through understanding maths in a physically active context pays dividends in the classroom.


Pupils are actively involved in each MOTM lesson – increasing the chance of retaining the knowledge gained and boosting engagement through memorable learning experiences.

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