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When School is out, we are in! DSPro Camps run Ofsted Registered Camps during every school holiday meaning parents can pay using childcare vouchers not only this but you are left reassured all camps are run safe, fun and affordable solutions for your childcare needs. 

As a result of the Covid – 19 pandemic and in order to keep children as safe as possible this summer, we have changed the way camp will be run

COVID – 19 update 

We have had to make some changes to the way we run DSPro camp this summer so we can reduce the risk of COVID-19. The changes are;

•    Shortened days – there are two time slots to choose from; 8.00 – 4pm and 8:30am – 4.30pm, this allows the staff to clean the facility used and equipment ready for the next day
•    Shorter week – the week will run Monday – Thursday – this leaves Friday for staff to deep clean the venue and equipment ready for the next week
•    Week only bookings – due to the safety of all children in the bubbles we are only allowing week bookings, as we cannot have children coming in and out of bubbles 
•    Bubbles – children will be in bubbles of 15 and will have once coach with them for that week
•    Outdoor camps – where possible we will ensure that the children are outside for all activities and to eat lunch. If the weather is poor, we will use the sports hall split into 2 so children remain in their bubbles
•    Signing in and out – this will be done outside; children will have their temperature checked and then go to their coach. Parents will be asked to stand 2m apart on the tape and signing in and out will be done with the camp coordinator on an iPad
•    Activities – all activities to be socially distanced, non-contact and not competitive 
•    Hygiene – children will be encouraged to wash their hands throughout the day. After an activity they will be provided with hand sanitiser 
•    Accident forms – these will be emailed to parents/carers 
•    Covid- 19 symptoms – if your child or anyone household displays symptoms please do not come to DSPro camps and please inform the camp coordinator at the earliest opportunity 
•    Walk ons – we are not accepting walk ons due to the bubbles and needing to know our numbers in advance

We will be open 4 days a week Monday – Thursday during the summer holiday.

If you are booking in siblings they MUST be booked into the same bubble irrespective of their age.

Bubble 1

  • Drop off from 8:00 AM
  • Pick up 4:00 PM

We ask that all bookings are for the whole week, but consecutive days from the first Monday will be allowed for example Monday to Wednesday… Unfortunately to protect bubbles if you miss a day between Monday & Thursday you won’t be able to return until the following week.

Bubble 2

  • Drop off – 8:30 AM
  • Pick up – 4:30 PM

Discount Code: SIBLING10

On Checkout please type in the code

Enter for Sibling 10% 


Discount Code: 3DAYDSP

Only applicable if you book Monday to Wednesday or Tuesday to Thursday

Enter for 3 consecutive days

Childcare Vouchers – with the new build of the website and a new booking system on checkout please don’t panic if you don’t see your childcare provider please call us on 07940208416 and we can manually input your information to hold your place – we will then notify you when you can make payment with chosen voucher – Please email Natalie@directsportspro.com 

Will be my children be split up?


No, siblings will be in the same bubble due to arriving at the same time, regardless of their age.


Why can’t I book single days or half days?


The safety of the children and staff at DSPro camps is our priority. We are only able to offer week long bookings (Monday – Thursday). This guidance is similar to what schools are following so we will be keeping children in their bubble for the week. We are doing this to reduce the risk of the coronavirus.


What activities will be my children be doing at DSPro Camp?


All activities will run in line with the current guidance; therefore, we will not be playing ant competitive or contact games. All activities will be delivered with little or no equipment and children will not share equipment. Examples of activities are; personal challenges, athletics, tri-golf and cricket. The team at DSPro will keep camp fun and engaging for all and will ensure that any equipment used is cleaned after each session.


How do I know my child will be safe at DSPro camp?


We are an Ofsted registered activity camp therefore we are used to following policies and procedures. Our policies and risk assessment have been updated to include COVID-19 practices. At signing in each morning children will have their temperature checked, meaning any child that has a high temperature and/or displays symptoms will not be able to come onto camp. Good cleaning practices will be adhered to throughout the day and the children will remain in their bubbles for the week with the same coach. We have 2 bubbles which are staggered sign in and sign out times. All government guidelines will be adhered to.


Why aren’t all the academy programmes running? (football & dance)


We will be running our activity camp only throughout the summer which includes activities for children of all ages, interests and abilities. We have worked with our venue to ensure that what we can offer is safe for the children and staff on camp.


Can my child switch bubble?


If this is done prior to DSPro camps starting and there is availability on the other bubble, then we may be able to move your child. If DSPro camp has started then we will not be able to move your child to another bubble, for the protection of all children in the bubbles. If you would like your child to be with their friend then you must liaise with them beforehand and book together, as we are unable to disclose information about other customers with you. All the children’s safety is our priority.


Why are you running shortened days?


DSPro camps are running shortened days to allow signing in and signing out to be managed safely. When booking you will be asked to select your bubble, bubbles are determined on the times of signing in. At the end of the day the coaches will be able to deep clean all equipment and the facility used and get ready for the next day.


What happens if someone shows symptoms of COVID-19 at DSPro camp?


All children and the Head Coach within that bubble will need to leave camp and go for a COVID-19 test before returning to activity camp. If the test comes back negative, then you are able to come back to camp. If the test is positive, please stay at home and follow the Government Guidelines. If your child needs to self-isolate for two weeks, then we will issue credit to your account.


How will the sign in and sign out process work?


There will be a designated Camp Coordinator wearing gloves and a full-face mask to greet you and your children. You will be signed in electronically using an iPad. To maintain social distancing rules, we will place floor markings 2m apart and we ask that no parents are to enter the venue. The Camp Coordinator will check your child’s temperature before they go to their bubble. Signing in and signing out will be completed outside.


What additional training have the DSPro members of staff had?


As an Ofsted registered organisation, you can rest assured that all staff will have completed the relevant COVID-19 training. This training includes in house CPD for all staff so they know all of the new policies and procedures, signing in and signing out procedure and all the relevant activities they can deliver. The staff will ensure that your children feel safe and have fun on DSPro camp.


Why are there mixed age groups?


We are running our DSPro camps in line with government guidelines to ensure the safety of all children and staff this Summer and to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. Due to our bubbles being based on sign in and sign out times this means there will be children between aged 5 and 14 in the bubbles. All activities will be non-contact or competitive and delivered safely to a mixed age group.







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