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In light of the world’s current state, now more than ever, our children’s health and wellbeing has become a matter of greatest importance. Sports coaching and education taking low priority in the school system is a significant factor in the threat towards adolescent wellbeing. Combating the crisis of student wellness, does not involve a black and white response nor a one sided solution. Over the coming months, look forward to diving deeper into the fundamental solutions and tackling each through a lens of our present and post Covid-19 world.

Solution 1 : Active Learning for all Students

Children in the UK spend nearly 2.5 hours on a computer, laptop or tablet, 2 hours watching television and 3 hours on their phone throughout a typical day (RCPCH). With screen time objectively on the rise, the need to keep children less distracted and more involved has become a pressing matter.

If pupils are given something to do, as opposed to solely something to learn, the rate at which they will retain information could be exponential. “Doing” demands critical thinking and “active learning” requires students to consciously engage with the material. Building student participation and meaningful learning builds the necessary environment to grow.

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Solution 2 : Holistic Approach to Wellbeing

From September 2020, a new government mandate, requires that primary schools cover personal development within their curriculum. The importance of a healthy body, mindset and lifestyle has been too long a matter excluded from the confines of school walls. A recent study found that one in eight (12.8%) 5 to 19 year olds report having at least one mental disorder (NHS). Programming a curriculum not just for the student in mind but for the child, as well, results in both overall success and happiness.

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Solution 3 : Sustainable Staff Support and Mentoring 

Empower the teacher. Empower the student. Empower the world. According to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive, teaching staff and education professionals report the highest rates of work-related stress, depression and anxiety in Britain (Ofsted). 

Teachers who are not provided the tools, support and career-long guidance to perform in all areas of their work, do not show up fully in the classroom. Outsourcing resources and mentorship for staff in the areas lacking expertise has grown to become a vital part of success in the school structure. For instance, proper training in the realm of physical education often lacks the depth and breadth necessary to keep children both interested and safe.

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