1 2 1   Coaching

1 to 1 coaching is a personalised approach to deliver a coaching session in which players can target the specific areas of the game in which they want to improve on after an initial SWOT and questionnaire.

Coaches are able to give detailed on-the-spot, player-specific feedback and player tracking progress impact, enabling players to make faster progression in technical skill, fitness and game understanding.\Perfect for any player who would like to improve their game and needs the guidance and expertise to do so.

 Goalkeeping 121 coaching also available on all packages

Small Group training also available


£18 per hour / per person


£12 per hour / per person


£10 per hour / per person


“ 121 has provided an opportunity for my son who is 15 yrs old to refocus on his development in what he is passionate about. During lockdown, the opportunity for him to socially interact and be pushed has been zero. Now just after 1 week he is refocused and so happy.

By the end of his first session, so many key techniques were worked on and already improved how he approaches the next task, we are so happy we found DSPro even better knowing the same coach now was my son’s first football coach at Broadway First School when he was 6yrs Old.”